Monday, November 19, 2007

At a Tech Conference

I am at the NCTE/ACE technology workshop as I type this. We have reviewed making blogs and using Google Reader. I am feeling confident because these are not unfamiliar things for me, and I have even started this blog as a result! What has been most interesting so far is to watch the others around me and their knowledge level. This is actually something I did throughout the NCTE conference. The world is changing, and FA IS changing with it. Our choice to become a laptop school 6 (?) years ago was prescient. We spend a great deal of time at school thinking about are we using the laptops well in classrooms, are we up-to-date on technology knowledge, are they a help or hindrance ... My few days here at NCTE have shown me that, as much as we should continue to refine and grow our own laptop program, we are also doing great things already.

Our students' lives will be focused around technology in both their home and work lives, and we have made a school that reflects that. As a teacher at FA, I am on the leading edge of conferences such as this -- I understand what the presenters are talking about and can work right along with them. This is not to brag about me -- instead it is evidence of what I have learned as a teacher at a laptop school. I am evidence of what we are doing at FA, just as our students are evidence of what we are doing.

Well, the workshop is moving along to a new topic, so I need to "go 45" with my laptop and listen!

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