Monday, September 1, 2008

A Duh Moment

So, I have been having my students give background presentations on the works we read throughout the year for years now. I really like how it makes each one of my students the expert on one of the texts we study, and I like how I can step away from the front of the classroom and let my students run it.

However, I have not been thrilled with the overall quality of the presentations. Many are great, but many are merely Powerpoints read to the class. What was going wrong? Well, my out-dated assignment for one.

Here is my duh moment: Why was I not using all of my new technology ideas to make this assignment more engaging for my students? Why was I not encouraging my students to push into the world of the 21st century? Well, I am now, and I am very excited to see the results. Here are my revised guidelines. I am particularly excited about the audio and visual components. I can't wait to see my students' thought and creativity on full display.


  1. I really like this!

    I am asking my Pre-AP English 10 to create a presenation on the poets as we study them...this would be awesome...if I might borrow some of these ideas?

    It is nice to give them a "teachable moment," isn't it?

  2. Tammy,
    Please borrow away. I think it is going to work very well. I also can send you my Steinbeck example if that would help. Just email me directly if you would like it.