Monday, January 10, 2011

My Own Blogging Challenge

While I *think* I signed up for the EduBlog Teacher Challenge, I am not sure where to go to get the challenges, but I have been inspired enough to challenge myself to return to my blog. My goal is to use this blog partly as my reflection for my Pedagogy and Instructional Design class this semester. I began a PhD program in English this past fall, and I think this current course will offer me many things to share on this blog with its focus on pedagogy and a book titled Multiliteracies.

The course starts tomorrow, and I have a few goals to achieve in it:
  • Write about my collaboration with fellow graduate student (she is at Virginia Tech and I am at ODU) Katie Dredger -- this will be our second year joining our classes together online to study Shakespeare specifically but reading and writing overall
  • Renew my commitment to Twitter so that I can rejuvenate my wonderful yet wonderfully dormant network
  • Develop one new unit plan that takes further advantage of the technology resources at my 1:1 laptop school
And of course ...
  • Write on this blog about it all
I joined this PhD program because of its focus on writing and rhetoric as well as new media. My ultimate goal, now that I have my feet wet after completing my first class, is to join my new studies with my current uses of technology. I think both will benefit.

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  1. It's about time! Glad to see you back here. I look forward to learning from you once again.