Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Story of ENGL 866

My Goals for New Media Theory I: My study of Pottermore in Tracing Digital Cultures in summer 2012 is the most interesting work I have done thus far in my PhD studies, confirming my New Media emphasis choice. This degree focus plus my acceptance into DMAC 2012 led me directly to this class and these goals:
  • To gain a strong base in new media theory to found my DMAC project and future studies
  • To determine which language I want to use for my digital portfolio requirement and begin to learn this language (and maybe even start on my digital portfolio)
  • To determine my direction for my independent study post-DMAC -- this might be theoretical and it might be practical ... the wide scope of this class will show me all of the possibilities and allow me to explore enough to make an educated decision
  • Last but not least, to take a class with Dr. Roderigo, who is my independent study mentor for DMAC and post-DMAC!
(Click on the green sliver to the right to advance the slides -- it is an arrow cut off! -- and click on the gray exclamation points to read all of my text.)


  1. I'm interested in taking that Pedagogy and Instructional Design course - what's it like? Did they cover new ways of using technology in the classroom?

  2. Ok, the layered cheerleader image cracks me up!
    Course goals?