Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Quote

"While most kids’ uses of these technologies are 'friendship based', the more compelling shift is when their use is 'interest based' or when they connect with other kids or adults around the topics or ideas they are passionate to learn about." (from Will Richardson's blog)

So this seems to be where we as teachers come into play ... helping students see the power of the web on their minds and passions. Yes, many/most students use technology all of the time, but they still have more to learn that we can teach them (if we take the time to learn ...) even when they might know more technological applications than we do.


  1. I do like this idea of redefining the role of the teacher not as the one who disseminates information or even the authority on the subject at hand, but the facilitator of learning, which includes helping students identify and refine their passions and talents. Therefore, now more than ever the teacher should be the expert learner in the room. PLNs are the crucial places for teachers to be these days in order to stay on top of our common subject-learning.

  2. This is why I don't want to limit our students' blogs to academic responses. They might just want to reflect on a passion or interest! We can offer them that opportunity. I am so glad we are taking the time to learn...