Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Reading ... by the English teacher

Summer Reading
DMAC Day 8

I have spent some time thinking about how I can build on what I am learning here at DMAC to craft my independent study for the rest of the summer.  One of my goals for this independent study is to read some of the many texts I have heard about -- with the idea that the summer might be a time when I can choose my academic reading and have the time to actually read.  I may be in delusion about this, but hey, it is good to have goals.  So here is my draft reading list for the summer ...

  • Technologies of Wonder by Susan Delagrange:   This is a groundbreaking digital text I learned first about from my spring class.  Cindy Selfe has referred to it numerous times here at DMAC, so it is #1 on my list.
  • The Illusion of the End by Jean Baudrillard:  This is another text from my spring class, and as we worked to connect what we were reading with the presentations of the books we did not read, I found myself constantly coming back to Baudrillard's ideas.  I am excited to read this book myself, particularly with the support of the great resources my classmate put on her presentation page.  This is my theory book.
  • Rhetorical Delivery as Technical Discourse by Ben McCorkle:  I think this is my third book.  My good friend Jennifer Buckner chose this as her new media text last semester and says it is a great study of the canon of delivery.  I have been intrigued by the path of delivery in the history of rhet/comp, so this book might be the next I read.
  • The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams:  I do not know if taking on four books is too much, so this might actually be my third book.  It has come highly recommended by the DMAC staff, and as I am moving into creating digital sites (and getting more and more intrigued by creating sites), this seems like the right book to read.  It also would apply to my role as yearbook advisor, so a double bonus.
My fearless leader for the summer, Shelley Rodrigo, said she might read the same books that I choose, so now I will see what thoughts she has.

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  1. Whew...Williams book is great (I have read that) and blissfully it is short. You'll probably be able to scoot it in without a problem. What I would do with Williams book is read a concept a week so you can apply it to your design work in pieces (instead of trying to do it all at once).
    I'm going to try to read (and re-read for Baudrillard) the rest with/after you; however, I'm not guaranteeing (already behind with that pesky writing stuff). However, as the new house starts to settle (a little...) it should get easier. I can add I quickly picked up and read Johndan Johnson-Eilola's Datacloud during my week tech camp. Nice, short, and useful (just to add another to your pile...if you want!)