Friday, June 1, 2012

Remixing like a Semi-Pro

DMAC Day 2

Today was audio production day -- well, half of it was.  Which means I made an audio commercial with four layered tracks in half a day.  That is a steep and really great learning curve.

Using Audacity, I made a personal service announcement for the DALN that involved choosing my own music track (one that is of course available for me to use without breaking copyright), shortening my literacy narrative (not just cutting off the beginning and end but dropping out segments in the middle too ... these middle cuts are choppy still, one thing I wish I had been able to do better), and joining it all in a four-layered audio track with intro and conclusion by Cindy.  I wish I could post it here, but blogger does not allow MP3 files ... grrrr.  If it ends up being hosted elsewhere, I will embed the link to my audio here, so stay tuned (pun intended).

Update from DMAC Day 6:  I learned about the Internet Archive yesterday as a place to host audio files for using elsewhere, so here I am putting that learning into action.  Here is my DALN PSA!

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  1. I didn't know about Internet Archive as a space to post!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Wow...great job layering. So did you struggle with the sound level and the music overpowering the audio? What would you do to revise it in the future?