Monday, July 9, 2012

Re-Viewing, Re-Working, Re-Visioning

Thanks to Dr. Rodrigo and her helpful comments, I have just ...
  • Asked 2 fellow teachers and 1 former student to give me feedback on the design and navigation of my in-progress Wordpress site.
  • Made and embedded a Google Form for adding to the class timeline.  I had no idea I could generate a form from an existing spreadsheet -- that is cool!  And Dr. Rodrigo is right -- the form is a much better interface than a spreadsheet.
    • Sadly, I discovered that making this Google form from my spreadsheet broke the timeline on my site.  I have experimented with this and learned that any adjustment to the Google spreadsheet template except deleting rows breaks the timeline in Wordpress.  So this good idea cannot be done, and I have fixed my timeline and re-posted the spreadsheet link.
  • Fixed my image sources since they were not all linked to the specific webpage where I got them.  I appreciate having Dr. Rodrigo see this mistake -- I thought I had the specific URLs but clearly did not for 2 of my images.  I also added the links to the MLA image sources here.
I also have firmed up my reading plans, having gotten all of my possibilities from ODU's ILL.  Here is my final list.  The first three are the same as my initial list, but the fourth one is new.

  • Technologies of Wonder by Susan Delagrange
  • The Illusion of the End by Jean Baudrillard
  • The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams:  I plan to read this chapter by chapter, stopping to apply it to my site creation as Dr. Rodrigo suggested.  Looking forward to this immediate application of my reading.
  • Remixing Composition by Jason Palmeri:   This one also came from my friend Jennifer.  When I asked her if I should read this or McCorkle's Rhetorical Delivery as Technical Discourse, she replied, "Are you more interested in relationship between technological discourse and canon of delivery OR the history of using different modes in communication (and sometimes not recognizing our history with that)? Either takes a historical approach, so what I like is that you get many rabbit holes for later pursuit."  I decided to read Palmeri since it is specifically about modes of communication and will therefore link to my creation of my site as a mode of communication.  I have McCorkle still on my to be read list though!

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